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Bad Babs Seed by Poppun Bad Babs Seed by Poppun
I started this on the Bronyville Oekaki for the Babs Seed episode and decided to post it here; it took much longer to do than I thought it would (Who would have guessed that the background pieces alone would take so long? I'm really glad now that I didn't draw the milkshake part, sugar cube corner has too many pieces not to have a screen cap to vector trace). Either way when I first saw the preview of this song I wanted to do something with this shot and here we are, a human version of one of the sequences.

In case you're wondering what that little green mark on Sweetie Belle's forehead is, it's supposed to be a star. I don't really like the way it looks when they translate the Unicorn characters by putting a horn on a Human but I still want them to be reconisable as different from Earth Ponies; so Unicorns have a smaller version of their Cutie Mark on their forehead (A lot of Unicorns have the colour of their magic some where in their Cutie Mark, though some G1 toys had a smaller version of the Pony's Cutie mark stamped on their face) or if they don't have their mark yet, then it's just a star that's the colour of their magic (if you look closely at the scene where Sweetie's magic sparks, it's a light green colour). It's based off of the way they depicted Lady Amalthea from "The Last Unicorn".

Oh and I'm not really sure about Scootaloo's complexion as exacly how I imagine her, I just couldn't resist having them lined up according to spectrum like that

Oh & Happy 12 12 12 Everypony!
NyxTheFlyingKatFish Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Student General Artist
cool luv it
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December 12, 2012
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